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SANDMARC introduces Telephoto 6x Lens for iPhone

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It might look unwieldy, but SANDMARC reckons that its new Telephoto 6x Lens for iPhone can seriously raise your smartphone photography game.

Anyone that has ever objected to the mild bulge in the casing that camera capabilities add to their iPhone nowadays, can really get agitated with the new Telephoto 6x Lens from San Diego-based SANDMARC. It is a comparatively massive 119mm long, that’s 4.69 inches, but you get an awful lot of zoom for that; 6x as the name suggests, as well as sharper images and better low light performance than the built-in native telephoto.

Telephoto 6x Lens zoom

For the first time in the company’s increasingly full lens series too, an adjustable focus wheel allows the user to choose the desired focal point and override the iPhone’s automatic focus. The only qualification the company offers is that for best results you really are going to have to be using a tripod.

Price is $159 and shipping starts next month.


Magnification: 6X

Height: 119mm

Diameter: 37mm

Focus Distance: 16 ft - ∞

Field of View Angle (degree): 17°


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