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Sandmarc announces Motion Dolly for iPhone

Image: Sandmarc.
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Image: Sandmarc.

Sandmarc has announced a new, almost pocket sized, tabletop dolly to get dynamic video with your phone on the move.

The Motion Dolly from Sandmarc is designed as a quick solution for creators who might want to grab a quick shot with motion. while our with their phones. The system has been designed with the iPhone in mind, but the clamp will work with most other phones from the looks of it. GoPros can be also be used without the phone clamp.

Sandmarc Motion Dolly. Image: Sandmarc.
The Motion Dolly, showing the angle adjustment for arced movement. Image: Sandmarc.

The Motion Dolly isn't motorised, but the chassis can be adjusted so that the system can be moved smoothly in a gradual arc or in a full circle. As per most devices of this type, it requires a smooth surface to operate on, and a steady hand to ensure consistent, smooth motion. However it could be a fun device to have on hand for people who use their phones as their main creative video device.

The chassis is made from milled aluminium, and it also features an adjustable ball head for changing the angle of the shot. The top of the phone clamp allows for the attachment of one of Sandmarc's Prolight LED lights as well.

The Motion Dolly retails for USD$89.99. For more information, visit the Sandmarc website.

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