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RigWheels releases the Kraken car mount

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Vehicle mounting cameras often end up with kludging things different things together to get something that works. Or at least it did until RigWheels’ Kraken came along.

RigWheels reckons that the Kraken camera mount sets a new standard in car rigging, seamlessly combining mounting and positioning into a single, intuitive device. It features an innovative hinge design, which when coupled with compatibility with standard tripod heads, makes solid mounting an easy exercise.

Rather than pulling different parts from lots of different areas of your kit to have everything necessary for vehicle mounting, with the complete rental version of the Kraken Mount, users have everything needed to securely mount any camera to a vehicle. This is potentially a huge time saver when prepping for a shoot and a practical solution for rental houses / equipment rooms. Suction, positioning, stabilization, and safety are all contained in one grab-and-go Pelican case.

Key features

  • Innovative hinge design for easy setup
  • Audible low-suction alarm on the 10" primary suction cup
  • Uses standard tripod heads for positioning (75mm bowl included, 100mm, mitchell, and flat available)
  • Included 75mm half-ball mount for direct camera mounting
  • Capacity up to 175lb
  • 3" and 6" stand-offs to raise your camera
  • Four points of stabilization (with the full kit)
  • 9.5" and 18" stabilization rods (5/8" diameter) connecting via 3/8" threads
  • Standard size grip heads for ease of use
  • Included safety/tethering components
  • Low-mode configuration for hood-mounting
  • Short tripod-head tie-down knob
  • Extension plate
  • No tools required

kraken car mount

"If you know RigWheels, you know that we create new ways of doing things and original products (no knock-offs). The Kraken Mount combines the strength of tools made for the grip department with the elegance of gear designed for the camera department. This new system is the most complete, practical, common-sense solution you will find for an easily transportable car mounting system,” says Lance Lundstrom, Owner of RigWheels.

The Kraken “base” unit is priced at $999 with the full rental kit coming in at $2899. A 20% pre-order promotion is available through December 20th with first units shipping mid-January.



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