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Prolycht ORION 300 FS gets a major firmware update

Image: Prolycht.
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Image: Prolycht.

Prolycht has announced a new firmware for its ORION 300 FS that addresses requests from DPs and gaffers.

The most significant new feature is the X/Y coordinates mode. This is designed so that users have even more control over the lighting hue, but in an intuitive way. The new mode allows colours to be set with precision, as well as matched over multiple lights via Prolycht’s ChromaLink app, or using the DMX protocol.

XY Mode on the Orion 300 FS.
The new XY colour adjustment mode.

Additionally, using the ChromaLink app, improvements have been made to the light's ability to sample and playback lighting effects recorded by users phones. Prolycht list one example of how this functionality works on set by citing the example of a virtual set. Different colours can be sampled and then played back from the light in sequence, giving a seamless interaction with what's happening on the LED array. The amount of recording time available has also been increased to 10-minutes, up from two, and users can now adjust and fine tune the recording afterwards to obtain the precise hue they desire. This can all be adjusted in realtime as the light is in operation.

Full firmware features

Prolycht lists all the new features of the firmware as follows:-

  • ADDED New CIE X/Y mode, set colors using X/Y coordinates in CIE1931 colourspace
  • ADDED Power-up calibration can be switched off in menu
  • UPDATED DMX protocols to include CIE X/Y mode
  • UPDATED Orion now remembers prior setting of IP address and subnet
  • UPDATED ArtNet application full IP setting enabled
  • FIXED DMX mode 3 bug creating continuous power cycling
  • FIXED Improved user interface and other minor bugs
  • The free ChromaLink App has also been updated with:
    ADDED X/Y mode control interface
  • IMPROVED Color Picker mode supports real-time sampling
  • IMPROVED Recording mode adds white balance & tint adjustment (IOS devices)
  • IMPROVED Color & Brightness accuracy in Color Picker & Recording modes

The free update can be downloaded from the service page on Prolycht's website.

Lastly, throughout April the company is giving away a free 36" soft box with purchases of   the Orion 300 FS (PL20001 and PL20001AB).

Watch a music video, lit with the Orion 300 FS below.

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