How to disinfect your camera gear. What works, and what doesn't?

Written by Simon Wyndham

We've been told to make sure we keep ourselves sanitised during the Covid 19 pandemic, but if you are still working, your gear will need to be as well. Here's a good primer on what works and what doesn't by a former physician.

Roger Cicala founded Lens Rentals, but he is also a former physician. The Lens Rentals blog is always informative, but this one is particularly pertinent to our time in the current crisis.

There are a lot of myths around about how to keep things sanitised, particularly when it comes to camera gear. For instance users may be worried about particular substances having a detrimental effect on lens coatings. There's also the question of multiple users using a single camera, and how this may transmit viruses.

Much of the world is in lockdown currently, with movement restricted all over. The vast majority of video and film shoots will have been cancelled. However news crews are still mobile in many places, and therefore this information could come in handy to such people. If you are a stills photographer you will be bringing the camera right up to your face repeatedly, which is obviously a risk.

The article entry covers all this and more. Read it over on the Lens Rentals blog.

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