This is a great way to test out a Panasonic S1H before you buy

Written by Heath McKnight

Panasonic's offer to try out its S1H for a week at low cost is one of the best ways to try out the camera.

Panasonic is still offering filmmakers, videographers and photographers a unique chance to try out the LUMIX S1H, their full-frame 6K camera, for a week. And it costs just $99, lenses not included. This is a great way to get familiar with the Panasonic S1H, and the price is right.

Panasonic LUMIX S1H Specs

Here are the key specs, via Panasonic:

  • 6K 24fps video (3:2) and 4K 60fps video (16:9)
  • 14+ stops of dynamic range with V-Log and V-Gamut
  • Dual Native ISO for super high-sensitivity shooting with low noise
  • 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording and HDMI live output
  • Anamorphic tools including desqueeze and stabilization Variable Frame Rates up to 180fps
  • Rugged Dust, Splash and Freeze resistant design
  • L-Mount, from Leica Camera, which allows for a multitude of lenses and sensor formats

The cost of the Panasonic S1H starts at $3,997, a great price for a 6K workhorse camera that is approved by Netflix for production. While it’s great for taking photographs, Panasonic really focuses this camera for film and video production. Check out Simon Wyndham’s terrific review for full details and specs.

Rental Details

Dubbed the Creator Rental Program, the Panasonic LUMIX S1H can be rented from authorized retailers and rentals houses. Panasonic began the program on January 5th, and it runs through to March 15th. And at $99, it’s cheaper than renting it from the usual websites, up to $150!

You’ll need to supply your own lenses and support, which could add to that price, but it’s still an affordable way to see if the Panasonic LUMIX S1H is the right camera for your needs. Line up a film or video shoot, and give the camera a real-world test.

A couple of the sites providing the rental includes Samy’s Camera and Borrow Lenses, but it’s not yet available outside the USA. I wouldn’t be surprised if they offer it in the UK, Canada and other countries at some point this year

Check out the full list of rental houses and more information here.

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