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 Music Vine pivots to subscription model

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Music VineMusic Vine's catalogue is now available via a subs model

Music licensing platform Music Vine has launched a subscription program that is priced to target a variety of different content creation niches.

Music is thought of after the event a bit too much in video production, which is always a mistake. You might concentrate on the visuals but in the vast majority of cases the people watching them will be watching and listening at the same time and nothing, but nothing, spoils great content more than bad music. There’s no point blowing all your budget on camera and lens hire and then tacking on some cheesy EDM right at the end in post unless you really want to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

It is, as we’re all painfully aware, a competitive landscape. And luckily for those at the creative sharp end it’s a competitive one amongst the suppliers as well. That means that companies such as Music Vine are starting to follow the rest of the industry and offer its services as part of a subscription deal.

There are bigger catalogues out there — MV has currently 3392 tracks by 208 artists — but this is not only a quality vs quantity argument but one about surfacing the right track too. That catalogue is very searchable with over 380 thematic categories and a weighted tagging system that aims to reflect some of the nuances inherent the tracks on offer.

You’ve got four different routes into it now too. ‘Creator’ subscriptions are aimed at the YouTube market and start from $13.99 a month for the Ambassador level — so called because you have to supply accreditation information with any published content — and $19.99 a month for the Standard.

Pro Lite starts at the same $19.99 a month and grants clearance for small-scale productions such as corporate videos, weddings, content marketing and micro-budget indie films etc. Pro Standard is $35.99 and offers broader clearance for marketing, advertising, entertainment etc and can be further extended to provide clearance for those working on larger scale productions, and/or who require clearance for All Media.

Music Vine promises rapid catalogue growth over the next 12 months and is also marking the launch with prize draw; giving away variety of kit including a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone, two DJI Ronin-S gimbals, and three Zoom H5 audio records to six customers. To enter, simply sign up to any Music Vine subscription plan before Thursday 12 December and tick the ‘Enter Prize Draw’ box at checkout.

Head to https://musicvine.com to find out more. 

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