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We get the full lowdown on the Blackmagic 12G HDR Video Assist

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Blackmagic Design

We interviewed Stuart Ashton, Director EMEA at Blackmagic Design at this years IBC about the company's exciting new HDR Video Assist displays.

There was a lot to get through at this year's IBC Show. We caught up with Blackmagic Design to talk in-depth about the company's new 12G HDR Video Assist monitor/recorders.

Stuart Ashton told us "The Video Assist was a true example of a product that was a great idea that we have now made even better... The 12G version of the Video Assist is really a product that has captured peoples imagination because we have started to integrate a lot of the stuff people have been asking about for a while."

With formats such as BRAW recording from cameras such as the EVA1, the new 12G Video Assist looks like it could help to even out the playing field against the adoption of ProRes RAW, which for consumers is only a good thing. Watch the video below for more info.

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