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SmallHD unveils new 4K HDR field monitors

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SmallHDThe new Vision line of reference grade field monitors from SmallHD

SmallHD has got two new lines of 4K HDR field monitors cued up for release at the start of next year.

Details are frustratingly sparse at the moment, but each of the new lines of field monitors, dubbed Cine and Vision respectively, features three monitor sizes covering 13,17, and 24in units.

The Vision series are billed as 4K HDR reference-grade field monitor and feature a 2000+ zone local dimming array coupled with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. The monitors have 4x independent 12G-SDI Inputs, boast 114% DCI P3 coverage, and SmallHD promises they will ship with a full suite of exposure tools for precise control of HDR cinematography.

small HD cine.jpg

The Cine series (above, they’re the blue ones) are ruggedly built 4K high bright field monitors with up to 2500 nits of brightness. All three are edge-lit LED panels, hitting 100% of the DCI P3 color gamut, and feature the same 4x independent 12G-SDI inputs as the Vision series as well as there aforementioned exposure tools.

No word yet on pricing, though the indications are that the Cine will probably be the more expensive of the two. Expect them all to be available in Q1 2020.

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