The ATOM one SSM500 is a seriously high frame rate compact camera

Written by Simon Wyndham


Dream Chip's new ATOM one SSM500 gives incredibly high frame rates in very compact form, and looks perfect for sports broadcasters.

At 165mm long with a diameter of 60mm, the ATOM one SSM500 may not be able to lay claim to be the tiniest of go-anywhere cameras, but it is one of the fastest. Designed for the world of broadcast television, the new camera allows productions to place the camera discretely anywhere where high frame rate analysis may be required.

The obvious application for this is in sports, for example on a goal line, or in areas where other types of camera cannot fit or are at high risk, yet could be placed for spectacular slow motion replays. How fast can the camera go? Well, the clue is in the name, up to 500fps.

The SSM500 is not just a simple POV camera. Despite its similarity in shape to the Contour range of action cameras, the SSM500 is a fully featured device designed to take the rigours of day-to-day production.

It houses a 2/3" global shutter CMOS sensor which produces footage up to 1920x1080 resolution, and can output video via its four 3G SDI ports. The camera can cater for 12-bit colour at up to 300fps, while the full 500fps is available with 10-bit precision. HDR is catered for with both HLG and PQ formats.

The full frame rate isn't available as a continuous recording, instead if you want to record to internal media the realtime footage length is restricted to 60 seconds, laid down to internal memory. Broadcasters on the other hand can control slow motion by connecting it to an EVS system. Lastly the camera features a C-mount, giving a lot of compact, yet high quality lens options.

The ATOM one SSM500 is currently in pre-production form, so there's no word on a precise release date as yet, but we'll keep you posted as always. For more information about the ATOM range of cameras, visit the Dream Chip website.

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