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AJA ships its Ki Pro GO multichannel recorder/player

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AJAThe $3995 Ki Pro GO lets you record four channels without genlock

Having first taken the covers off its new standalone at NAB, AJA has announced the H.264 device is now shipping.

The is a neat little unit for anyone that’s looking to record up to four simultaneous HD or SD channels to off-the-shelf USB media in a fairly compact space.

Taking up a meagre 2RU, the half-rack width form factor unit boasts genlock free recording, eliminating the requirement to synchronise the four input sources, which could be handy in more than several situations. Redundant recording of any or all channels provides multiple backups in the field to protect the recorded video.

Four 3G-SDI and four HDMI input ports ensure compatibility with high-quality sources. HDMI and/or SDI monitoring outputs also enable the Ki Pro GO to display up to four channels of video as a matrix monitoring output on a single monitor. 

The unit tops out at 1080p60 and its five USB recording media slots are all compatible with USB 3.0 media.

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