Sony updates its NX80 and Z90 cameras to simplify live streaming

Written by Simon Wyndham


Live streaming from a camcorder is no longer complicated, as this free new update from Sony would appear to show.

Sony today announced that its compact and camcorders are receiving a new firmware update that streamlines the process of live streaming from the devices. Imaginatively called Simple Live Streaming, the firmware is designed to allow easy streaming from a single camera, rather than requiring the use of the multi-camera live producer system.

The is already a highly respected camcorder, being suited to a wide variety of uses despite its tiny form factor. These types of firmware additions are yet more evidence of just how versatile an investment a lot of recent camera gear really is. We might not have left the age of obsolescence, but it would seem that the days of your gear being trumped in capability every year have now gone.

The new firmware is slated for release at the end of 2019.

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