AJA's lineup for 2019 is another sign of the 8K times

Written by Ned Soltz


AJA introduced a range of new products and updates recently representing most of its extensive product range. Here's the rundown of what's new.

KiPro GO Multi-Channel H.264 Recorder/Player

is a 2 rack-unit recorder/player utilizing USB media for recording with multiple HDMI, SDI and XLR audio inputs. With selectable Variable Bit Rate recording profiles, it can record to off-the-shelf USB 3 media encoded in H.264. A front panel HD resolution screen allows monitoring with both front panel controls as well as a web-based UI. Its primary target market is sports, education, houses of worship and any environment which could utilize H.264 material for playback. It should be available in June for $3995.

New openGear Rackframe Cards

The popularity of oPenGear rackframes particularly in broadcast production environments brought AJA into the card market within the past several years. This year, AJA is introducing 14 new cards which include re-clocking SDI amplifiers, 3G-SDI fiber converters,and SDI audio embedder/disembedder cards. All are compatible with Ross DashBoard monitoring and remote control software.


The Corvid 44 12G-SDI

Corvid 44 12G-SDI With 8K and 4K MultiChannel Support

AJA adds a card to its Windows-based Corvid line which also marks an entry into the 8K space. It is an 8-lane PCI 3.0 card with a full range of I/O and 16 channels of audio per 12G SDI port. Its low-profile design can fit in workstations or blade servers. It supports all resolutions including up to 8K 4:4:4 12bit 30p. No pricing or availability has been announced.

New Mini Converters

It wouldn’t be NAB without an expansion of AJA’s Mini Coverter line up. The IPT-10G2 will be available in both SDI and HDMI models designed to convert SDI or HDMI signals with embedded audio to IP, fitting in with today’s IP workflows. Pricing for either model is $1295 with no release date specified other than “soon.”

Software and Firmware Updates

AJA’s real-time HDR and frame sync converter receives v 3.0 firmware. This is a major advance for this product integrating a Colorfront Engine Film Mode as well as enhancements to its existing Colorfront Engine Live Mode with output nit mastering levels for a number of HDR standards—PQ, HLG extended, P3 clamped, and the new BBC HLG v1.3 LUTs. It now can integrate directly with Pomfort Live Grade and TV Logic Wonderlook Pro.

Available in June, it is a free upgrade to FS-HDR owners. The .

AJA Desktop Software is updated to version 15.2. It now includes ProRes encoding in all ProRes resolutions (including 4444XQ) for Windows, MacOS and Linux with support for 8K resolutions in Kona 5 cards. It supports the SMPTE ST 2110 standard for IP support bringing 10 gig ethernet support to supported software applications across all platforms.

It will be a free download to users and is slated to appear this month.

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