01 May 2019

NAB 2019: Aputure upgrades its Light Storm C300d

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Two years between the MkI and the MkII have been worth the wait Two years between the MkI and the MkII have been worth the wait RedShark Media

The new MkII version of Aputure’s excellent packs on the features as the company’s Brandon Le explains.

The Aputure was first announced at NAB two years ago, so it’s been a little while between refreshes. As Content Creator, Brandon Le, points out in his enthusiastic presentation of the MkII version of the light’s features, though, the company has used that time wisely.

Headline features are full 360-degree movement and 20% more brightness (“I’ve seen people use this at 6%; that’s how insanely bright this light is,” says Le), and there’s also a new control box with heatsink fanless technology, a USB port for firmware updates to expand the number of effects from the current 8, and a lot more.

It’s going to ship for around $1200 in the summer, and you can get a preview of its features below.


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