29 Apr 2019

NAB 2019: Increasing the rugged range at G-Technology

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Now we are three: New rugged drives from G-Technology at NAB Now we are three: New rugged drives from G-Technology at NAB RedShark Media

Matthew Klapman, Global Director of G-Technology, guides us through the latest products released from the company on the NAB 2019 showfloor.

Rugged drives are extremely useful things, as anybody who’s ever worked on a hectic set — never mind dropped a drive with all their days’ work on it and spent the next few minutes simply praying very *very* hard — will attest.

They’re popular too, which is why the Western Digital owned G-Technology is filling so many niches with different models at different levels of ruggedness and featuring different drive sizes. Have a look at the video below to see the new models on offer, as well as a look at the desktop based G-Speed Shuttle SSD (which now comes in and 32TB flavours). There’s also an intriguing prototype with a Mac mini hooked onto it…


Andy Stout

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