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Thunderbolt storage - made bigger and faster

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RedShark MediaSymply's Nick Warburton: Moving beyond NAS limitations

Red Shark Editor-in-Chief, David Shapton, talks to Nick Warburton, VP Sales at Symply, a Global Distribution brand, about its new storage systems and why they're a better alternative than struggling on with NAS.

One of the eternal rules in production and post production is that media will always expand to fill the space you allocate it + a bit more. There is always too much, and individual operators and small to medium post houses have tended to struggle on with NAS devices as they don’t have the room nor the budget for rack system storage.

It’s not exactly an ideal solution though, as Nick Warburton, VP Sales at Symply, a Global Distribution brand, cheerfully describes. People buy NAS devices in the belief they can do everything with them, and they simply can’t.

“What we have done is take a well-known file system, Quantum StorNext, and built a collaborative workspace with it over Thunderbolt. As opposed to having expensive 10Gb or 40Gb to Thunderbolt converters, you can just plug straight into your Mac. It’s all native Thunderbolt at a block level, so it’s the highest possible performance.”

Find out more in the video below.

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