Blackmagic Design commits to 8K with significant product announcements

Written by Ned Soltz

Blackmagic Design

While most of the Blackmagic Design subject of interest seemed to be centered around DaVinci Resolve 16, Blackmagic also made several significant product announcements that set the stage for future industry technological advances while at the same time being eminently useful today.

ATEM Constellation 8K Switcher

This latest addition to the ATEM product line provides a whopping 40 12G SDI inputs, 4 DVE’s, 16 keyers, 4 media players, 4 MultiViewers, and standards conversion on each input. If working in 8K, 4 12G quadlinks will represent 1 channel of 8K, meaning that the Constellation will support up to 10 8K inputs. The multi-viewers are customizable. And we shouldn’t forget that it has tally. Simply put, there are a host of features and with 8K capability for under $10,000 this is another Blackmagic product that lowers the cost of production while offering complete feature sets. But there is more! It has a built in Fairlight audio mixer supporting up to 156 channels of audio. It has full digital as well as analog inputs for video. ATEM Constellation 8K is available immediately.

ATEM Constellation 8K.jpg

HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR

This latest HyperDeck will ship in June for $4995. It picks up the feature set of earlier HyperDeck models adding H.265 reading and encoding up to 8k, optional internal cache, and even analog i/o for legacy VTR’s. Blackmagic touts its use for 8K digital signage since playback is real time. With its quadlink 12G capabilities, it can also record 8K at full resolution. Like prior HyperDecks, it can store to C-Fast2 cards but like recent Blackmagic cameras, it also contains a USB C port to utilize fast and comparatively less expensive SSD media.

Hyperdeck Extreme 8K.jpg

MultiDock 10G

This is a companion product to the HyperDeck Extreme 8K allowing up to 4 SSD’s to record HyperDeck content. It can split the input between 2 USB C ports, RAID the drives or simply record to an SSD individually or sequentially. At $595, it is a logical addition to the HyperDeck 8K.

Multidock 8K.jpg


This $1295 device will ship in May and is an elegant solution to being able to monitor 8K to an HDMI display. It is designed around HDR workflows with all current standards supported. Like earlier Teranex models, it includes 33 point 3D LUTs and can even utilize third party calibration tools to calibrate target monitor.

Teranex Mini 8K.jpg

Read the feature sets below for all of these products for greater detail.


  • HD and Ultra HD switcher can be switched to 8K.
  • Advanced design with built in front panel controls.
  • Large 40 standards converted 12G-SDI inputs.
  • 24 customizable 12G-SDI outputs.
  • Supports all ATEM hardware and software control panels.
  • Includes 4 Ultra HD multiview with multiple layout options.
  • Includes DVE and stinger transitions.
  • Includes 4 Ultra HD DVEs that combine into an 8K DVE.
  • Professional talkback compatible with ClearCom and RTS.
  • Internal media for stills and motion graphics.
  • Includes new ATEM Advanced Chroma Key in 8K.
  • Multi rate 12G-SDI for HD, Ultra HD and native 8K.
  • Built in 156 channel Fairlight audio mixer.
  • Includes free software control panel.
  • Compatible with all ATEM hardware control panels.

HDR Features

  • Supports live production, digital signage and archive use.
  • Supports legacy program ingest for streaming.
  • Record and playback in full resolution 8K.
  • Large LCD screen for with touch user interface.
  • Optional traditional broadcast deck controls.
  • Dual CFast media cards for non stop recording.
  • Records direct to external USB-C media disks.
  • Optional media cache eliminates dropped frames.
  • Quad Link 12G-SDI for 8K, HDMI and legacy analog connections!
  • Advanced HDR support with bright wide gamut LCD.
  • Built in scopes include waveform, vector, parade and histogram.
  • Latest Multi Rate 12G-SDI for SD, HD, Ultra HD and native 8K.
  • Standard H.265 and ProRes files for wide compatibility.
  • Professional multi channel digital and analog audio.
  • Localized for 11 popular languages.
  • 10G Ethernet for extremely fast remote media upload.
  • Traditional RS-422 broadcast deck control.
  • Compatible with new ATEM Constellation 8K switcher.
  • Works with popular NLE software such as DaVinci Resolve.


  • All metal rack mount design for professionals.
  • Allows fast media disk docking.
  • Supports all solid state and hard disks.
  • High speed 10 Gb/s USB-C connection.
  • Usable as high speed RAID storage.
  • Use any software on any platform.
  • Supports HyperDeck Extreme 8K.
  • Allows quick movement of media between edit systems

Teranex Mini SD to HDMI 8K HDR Features 

  • Includes support for HDR via SDI and HDMI.
  • 2 built in scopes live overlaid on monitor.
  • Film industry quality 33 point 3D LUTs.
  • Supports automatic monitor calibration using color probes.
  • Advanced Quad Link 12G-SDI inputs for 8K.
  • Down converts 8K to Ultra HD or HD monitors.
  • Includes LCD for monitoring and menu settings.
  • Utility software included for Mac and Windows.
  • Supports latest 8K televisions and projectors.
  • Can be used on a desktop or rack mounted.

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