Panasonic places its NAB focus on live production

Written by Ned Soltz


Panasonic’s NAB 2019 emphasis is on Live—live production, live integration of multiple sources, and live delivery all centered around media over IP.

It is accompanied by the introduction of new PTZ cameras, integration of existing cameras into hybrid SDI/NDI live workflows, and virtualization software.

The AW-HE42 PTZ camera is a 1080p camera with SDI/HDMI/IP interfaces with a 1 /2.3 optically stabilized sensor. It is targeted for educational and worship users and will ship in June priced around $5000. NDI support requires purchase of a separate license from Vizrt/Newtek.


The Panasonic AW-HE42

Integrating into the live workflow is the AK-SHB800 8K ROI camera which can provide 4 different HD windows from one 8K signal. It can also function within an 8K workflow such as for sporting events. An optional CCU provides PTZ and other control functions. It will ship in July with no price specified.

Both of these products as well as existing Panasonic products and third party hardware and software integrate into The Smart Studio. Essentially, between the use of Panasonic-developed tracking software, third party robotic mounts and tracks and third party robotic follow-me lighting. It is an example of total integration combining, for example, potentially a range of Panny IP enabled PTZ cameras with their latest 4K hand-held camera the CX350 to provide a complete production environment.


The Panasonic AK-SHB800 8K ROI camera

Panasonic’s P2 camera line now sees a P2 Cast on AWS workflow. This is a newsgathering tool to enable upload to a news production system running on the AWS cloud. Initial testing was on Edius’s cloud editing platform. Capabilities even extend to the new popularly priced CX350.

And finally, they demoed a 4K/IP live production switcher which is still in development with a targeted release of October.

Panasonic emphasized the continuing growth and significance of Media over IP and this is certainly confirmed by the products and integration shown this year.

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