Pond5 has opened up its premium DJI collection to contributors worldwide

Written by Simon Wyndham


Previously restricted to operators in the US, Pond5 now offers the opportunity for drone creatives worldwide to sell their stock footage.

Aerial stock footage was always going to be an opportunity for growth. Last year Pond5 started collaborating with DJI to create the "DJI Collection", which allowed FAA certified drone pilots in the US to benefit from being able to sell their stock footage through the site, as well as benefitting from targeted marketing.

Drone footage falls under a number of legal requirements, so it is good to see that Pond5 has taken this approach, with all contributors needing to provide proof of certification from their respective home countries. This means that if you use stock footage from the collection you can be safe in the knowledge that shots have been taken legally, and safely.

Now that the collection has been expanded to include international pilots, it will only grow exponentially. Pond5 has now even introduced as "Aerial" search filter on the site, showing the importance of such footage, with the company claiming that over 1 million shots are already available to search.

If you want to view the collection, or become a contributor yourself, visit the Pond5 DJI Collection website.

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