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NewTek releases LiveGraphics subscription package

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NewTekA range of live graphics are now available for NewTek workflows starting from $99 a month

As part of its new Premium Access subscription service, NewTek is hooking up live production graphics with Adobe CC tools and providing some other interesting innovations too.

After first demoing it earlier this year at NAB, NewTek has made its new LiveGraphics package available as part of its $99 Premium Access monthly subscription service.

It’s a neat concept, essentially allowing users to produce 10 channels of real-time animated graphics from the Adobe CC versions of Photoshop and After Effects. These can then be output from the TriCaster TC1 and NewTek IP Series kit. Artisically it allows users to replace text, images, and create links to live data, and then play it all back in real time. From a financial point of view one of its key attributes is that it means users can lean on the power of the cloud to process everything and don’t need to add a proprietary hardware graphics engine into the workflow.

Premium Access requires the latest, just released version of TriCaster TC1 and NewTek IP Series software, but LiveGraphics is just at the head of a decent list of new features.

LivePanel allows users to create custom controls and features production-ready control panels for remote video mixing, media playback, audio mixing, and macro automation; NDI KVM lets users access TriCaster TC1 or NewTek IP Series systems from pretty much anywhere on a network; new audio I/O provides support for 64+ channels of Dante and AES67 audio; and there’s now full access to the premium library of NewTek LiveSet virtual sets.

newtek virtual ptz.png

Our favourite of the other tools though is probably Virtual PTZ (above), which lets you set up a user defined area of interest in a full-resolution camera angle or video source. These are then stored as full-frame presets that can be switched to or transitioned from seamlessly and include live virtual zoom and realtime pan and scan effects.

That $99 price we mentioned is apparently an introductory offer, as is the yearly $1149. No word on future pricing and the company does indicate that international pricing will vary.


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