25 Oct 2018

Two game changing cameras from Canon

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The highly anticipated and long-awaited EOS R on the IBC showfloor The highly anticipated and long-awaited EOS R on the IBC showfloor RedShark

Canon had not only one camera at IBC 2018 that has the potential to set the market on fire, but two, and in different markets as well.

As you can see from the video below, Canon had some serious hardware on show in Amsterdam. First off, Canon’s Paul Atkinson steps through all the features the brings to the market. It’s an impressively long list too, from H.265 capture though HDR and on to the first appearance outside of the Cinema range of Canon Log 3.

“The options are there to cover pretty much what you need to do,” he says with no hint of hyperbole. “This is the camera that the industry’s been waiting for.”

Over on the other side of the business, Canon had the small matter of the EOS R. Full frame, mirrorless, new glass, excellent low light capabilities (including extremely fast AF). “It’s a whole new solution that will lead us into the future,” says Canon.

Two cracking cameras aimed at two different markets from the same company? Check out the video below.

Andy Stout

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