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Frame.IO ramps up security and more

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RedSharkThe new Frame.IO UI has been rebuilt from the ground up

As Frame.IO’s Emery Wells says, over the past few months the company has been focusing on two things: security and performance.

Around about a year ago, Frame.IO decided to take everything apart and put it back together again in a new and improved way.

As the company’s Emery Wells says in the video below shot on the IBC showfloor, that year-long effort started with the back-end and the company is now in the third stage of rebuilding the front end. That means some powerful new workflow tweaks have been made, such as the ability to preserve folder hierarchy in uploads and to batch update statuses.

“One of the things I hear people say constantly in the community is ‘It’s great that you have all these new features, but what about the features you already have? We want those to work really really well’,” he says. “That’s just as important as building new features. We’re focusing on making the features we do have work really well.”

Content security has also been a major focus for the company, which Wells says is of benefit to all Frame.IO users. “All the work that we’re doing to meet the security standards of Hollywood? All the Frame.IO community benefits from that,” he says.

Find out more in the video below.

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