30 Aug 2018

Extreme lighting as the release of BMPCC4K footage continues

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Extreme lighting as the release of BMPCC4K footage continues Blackmagic Design

The release of BMPCC4K footage continues unabated with this impressive footage taken from a hot air balloon in trying lighting conditions.

The previous footage that we have seen from the BMPCC4K has shown the type of quality we can expect from the camera in more controlled lighting conditions. This new footage from Andreas Neumann shows how the camera performs in much more extreme conditions.

Taken from a hot air balloon Andreas shoots directly into the sun a fair bit, showing off the dynamic range of the new camera. Comparing the quality to an URSA Mini Pro, Andreas was amazed at how well the rear screen performed, as well as commenting on how he was taken aback at how good the micro four thirds sensor is. Andreas said "This was a challenging environment for any camera, because I was constantly shooting into the light, or with the sun directly behind people’s faces."

He went on to say "The detail I got was incredible. You can see everything reflecting in my wife’s Chanel glasses. You can actually see reflections off the ground, the balloon above, and the sky in the background. The camera really did capture everything I was seeing. I love shooting directly into the light wide open, and with this camera you could safely do that."

The continued release of new footage from the BMPCC4K shows how confident and excited Blackmagic are for this camera. The footage itself cannot be embedded onto external sites, so click on the image below to take you to YouTube for the full video.

BMPCC4K balloon.png 

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