20 Jul 2018

We'll all be watching 12K very soon!*

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We'll all be watching 12K very soon!* Phil Holland - phfx.com

*We're just kidding! But here's more eye popping aerial goodness from Phil Holland as he takes us on a flight from the sea to NYC.

What you are about to see is a long, very smooth aerial shot originated in 12K. No, we're not advocating that 12K video is here and that you'll all be watching it by next year. Instead we wanted to show you the sheer detail and immersiveness you can achieve when you stitch footage from three RED Monstro's together using Tokina Cine 35 lenses when it has been taken using some very exceptional stabilisation from a helicopter.

Here's what Phil Holland had to say about the shot "Here is another piece shot with the Large Format 12K Aerial Camera Array. This time we have a long form aerial shot taking us from the sea to within Manhattan. A tricky one to capture and perform the necessary post production stitching the 3X RED Monstro 8K VV images together."

As we know from Phil's previous shoots, it is quite an involved process taking that much picture data and putting it all together. Just to put it all into perspective, 12K is approximately 100MP per frame. However starting with such a high resolution master allows for a lot of post production flexiblity to correct stitching and geometry issues. Enjoy the flight!

Simon Wyndham

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