05 Apr 2018

Pond5 launches AI based image searches from right within your browser

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Pond5 launches AI based image searches from right within your browser Pond5


Searching for that perfect image for a client can be time consuming and frustrating. Pond5’s expansion of its AI based image search could eliminate that pain altogether.

Pond5 already has a powerful search engine based upon AI, which allows a user to drag and drop an existing image or video into the search box, whereupon Pond5 will attempt to find similar images or videos. It works surprisingly well, but Pond5 is now expanding it to include browser plugins and mobile apps.

The new service will allow users to search for images or video, for example in Google, and then use it to search for similar imagery within the Pond5 library. The browser plugin will be available for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. The part that is really interesting, however, is when it comes to the mobile application. By using the camera on your mobile, you will be able to capture images and then automatically have Pond5 find similar results. Such functionality will be useful when users need placeholder imagery until they settle on a final version.

Such search systems are bound to become more commonplace. The saying that a picture says a thousand words is very true for such applications in that an image can give the search engine much more information to go on than a simple text description. In fact it would seem to be the best way given that all text descriptions are based upon whether the image contributor within the stock library entered similar keywords to the ones that you entered. As a result AI searches such as this are much more likely to give you an accurate result, as well as presenting you with options that might not have appeared when searching by way of keywords or phrases.

Personally I am waiting for someone to add a music based search to royalty free music libraries!

For more information visit the Pond5 website and watch the video below.

Pond5’s press release follows on the next page.

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