15 Feb 2018

Sigma's ultra wide angle Art lens with "zero distortion"

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The new SIGMA 14-24mm wide angle lens could be a worthy addition to any professional still photographers bag of tricks The new SIGMA 14-24mm wide angle lens could be a worthy addition to any professional still photographers bag of tricks SIGMA


For those who are after the ultimate in stills optics, Sigma has just announced a new 14-24mm addition to the Art lens lineup that makes claim to have almost zero distortion.

Making claim to have made some major advances at its factory, Sigma is now taking advantages of these developments to produce new lenses that produce the cutting edge of optical quality for professional use.

The latest addition to its Art range of glass is the 14-24mm f/2.8 DG HSM | Art. Designed for full frame sensors Sigma is claiming it to be the ultimate ultra-wide-angle zoom. Certainly on paper it would seem that the new lens has some impressive statistics. In addition to the usual claims of minimal chroma aberration, Sigma is claiming that the new lens has 1% or lower distortion throughout the zoom range at infinity focus.

In addition to this it is compatible with Canon Lens Aberration Correction functionality, further enhancing performance. Tight weather proofing features throughout, not just at the interface with the camera, but within the zoom and focus rings too. A water and oil repellant coating to the front lens element showing clearly that this is a piece of glass designed to be used in all conditions, and by people who will really test it.

An additional “Front Conversion Service” will also be available enabling owners to have the front petal hood converted to a purely round component. Something that Sigmal claims will minimise the chances of the lens appearing in multi-camera VR shoots, given the extremely wide field of view that it is capable of.

No doubt the new lens will make for good repurposing for video uses as well, and from the specifications that we have seen it looks to be an impressive addition to the SIGMA line of lenses. Truly good wide angle lenses are thin on the ground, so it is good to see this area being taken care of, particuarly with a short zoom such as this one, which will allow some creative variation in just how wide you want to go.

No price or specific launch date has been announced yet, but we can be sure that you might need to save some pennies if you want one. More information can be found on the SIGMA website.

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