Drift Innovation release clockwork timelapse accessory

Written by Neil Roberts

Drift Innovations/RedsharkDrift Timelapse

Drift Innovation, manufacturers of action cameras like the Ghost and the Drift HD, have released a new accessory for timelapse enthusiasts

The Drift TimeLapse allows you to capture photo timelapse sequences and is designed to rotate 360° in 60 minutes. It is compatible with all Drift cameras and any other camera fitted with a ¼ inch thread. Coupled with the right adaptor you could use this with almost any timelapse capable camera.

Because the rotation is powered by a clockwork mechanism there are no batteries to worry about and that also means that the price is very reasonable at only 24.99 euro
Attach your camera to the top of the accessory, wind up the top, point it at the start of your time-lapse sequence and away you go. It is fiited with a male ¼ inch thread on the top and a female ¼ inch thread on the bottom; allowing multiple Drift TimeLapses to be stacked together for faster rotation. 

More information is available here

Here is a short video from Drift.

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