Bokkeh releases five low-priced prime lenses

Written by Freya Black

BokkehTh initial list price of the Bokkelux set was $20,000, so the current pricing is a bit of a steal

After previews at NAB last year, this time round in Vegas Taiwan's Bokkeh released its new Bokkelux new lens set of five prime lenses for a very nice and attention-grabbing price of  $14,980. Individual primes can be bought for $3000. 

Bokkeh says the lenses can resolve 8K and have coverage all the way up to Vista Vision sized sensors so they could be a good match for the new 8K Red Helium sensors. The maximum image circle is approximately 46.1mm.

Bokkeh is suggesting that the lenses could be used on Super 35mm sensors too. However, the current lens set only goes as wide as 25mm and goes right up to 100mm at the other end. For Super 35mm I would have liked there to have been an 18mm lens on the wide end. I could live without the 100mm, but it seems like this set would be nice for Full Frame sensors upwards. Perhaps that 18mm will be a future release.

The complete set of lenses consists of 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm at present.

The lenses all open out to a maximum of T2, except for the 25mm, which is slightly slower at T2.1. They can be optionally engraved with fluorescent markings, which might help with shooting at night if you are making good use of that T2 maximum aperture.

The entire set shares a front diameter of 110mm and they all share a length of 130mm. Gears are consistently in the same place across the set so it should be easy to swap out lenses without having to play too much with your follow focus equipment or matte box, etc.

Bokkeh is also claiming that the Bokkehlux lenses will produce creamy and comfortable bokeh, which sounds nice. There are 12 blades on the aperture, so presumably, that will make the bokeh smoother in shape and perhaps that helps with the creaminess too.

Initially, the lenses will come with either EF or PL mounts, but it is planned that there will be an option for a Micro Four Thirds mount in the future.

There are some nice images from a prototype of the 75mm prime in the video below.

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