Metabones’ latest addition to its Speed Booster series: the PL To Sony E-mount

Written by Ned Soltz

MetabonesNo bones about it: The new SpeedBooster E-mount to PL-mount

Metabones’ website is showing the latest addition to its Speed Booster series for Sony E-Mount, the PL to Sony E-mount Cine Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x.

 Compatible with both Sony mirrorless and video cameras, the PL to E-mount Speedbooster supports only full-frame PL Prime lenses. From Metabones’ description, it would appear that PL zoom lenses are not supported. And it would be a logical conclusion that it would only support full frame glass since that is the design metaphor behind the Speedbooster. By the way, it is possible to use this adapter on full-frame Sony mirrorless cameras by configuring the camera to apply an APS-C sensor crop.

The adapter does not contain electronics that communicate metadata to the camera.

The adapter increases maximum aperture by 1 stop and makes the lens 0.71x wider, as is the case with the entire Speedbooster range.

While there are several PL to E-mount adapters on the market already (an offering from Metabones included), the PL to E-mount is the only adapter that contains an optical element which reduces the so-called crop factor of the lens as well as increases the effective aperture of the lens.

Those who shoot PL primes on Sony mirrorless and video cameras will see even more shallow DOF with fast primes as well as a reduction in effective magnification from 1.5x to 1.07x.

The PL to Sony E-Mount Speedbooster lists for $719. No shipping date has been specified.

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