25 Aug 2016

DJI launches new version of the Osmo handheld

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DJI's Osmo: now with zoom DJI's Osmo: now with zoom DJI


The Osmo+ adds brings an integrated zoom camera to DJI’s Osmo handheld camera stabilization system.

The Osmo handheld camera gimbal has been a successful product for DJI. It is both affordable and compatible with the Inspire 1 range of cameras, all the way up to the DNG raw capable X5R. This gives it an advantage over rival systems that rely on larger cameras for a quality video image. With the optional damping arm to reduce vertical shift from walking (an advantage that a dedicated Steadicam normally holds over gimbals), even higher quality footage can be obtained.

The Osmo+ is a new addition to the range. Using a similar camera to the recent Z3, the Osmo+ allows more control over composition with the additional of zoom abilities. Optically it is capable of 3.5 times zoom. After that DJI have implemented what they are called a digital lossless zoom. In other words, a sensor crop. This is only allowed in 1080p mode for obvious reasons, but having seen the results from the Z3 mounted on an Inspire, the quality is nothing to be sniffed at.

The new camera is not compatible with the original Osmo due to differences such as the control over the zoom, and it is not clear whether the X5 series is compatible with it. DJI say that it is compatible with the Z-axis arm, therefore it would be odd if it was not compatible with the other cameras in the range.

Other features include Timelapse with programmable camera movement, slow shutter for long stills exposures, and panoramic photos. A FlexiMic system allows good quality sound to be captured, too.

At $649 the Osmo+ would seem to represent very good value for the money. While it is aimed more at the enthusiast and lifestyle market, with the X5R it becomes a serious tool (with a more serious price as well). Although one question that owners of Inspire's with the new Z3 might ask, is why they can't mount that camera onto the new system?

That niggle aside, for a lightweight, versatile gimbal that you can take anywhere, it looks well worth investigating. Now, where's my waterproof version for mounting onto a boat?!

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