11 Mar 2015

Sony launches memory player for 4K SxS

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Sony launches memory player for 4K SxS Sony


Dubbed the PMW-PZ1, Sony’s new 4K SxS player features multi-format playback capability for 4K (24p to 60p) as well as supporting a host of formats for HD work.

It’s a fully-featured player that ships with an impressive range of interfaces — SxS card slot, HDMI output, 3G/HD-SDI outputs (x4), an audio output, LCD colour monitor etc — all of which means you can get a lot done with it, namely pretty seamless playback, copying and monitoring of 4K and HD video (though you will notice that there's no record).

The company is pitching this across a diverse range of applications, seeing it as useful not only for video production — where its ability to playback in the field will certainly be handy — but also for the development of 4K equipment and the powering of 4K videowalls. There is certainly a gap in the market there too, with 4K playback still typicallydominated by either fairly high-cost dedicated computers or servers. The PMW-PZ1 will provide a simple UI that any person that’s worked with video in the past will be able to operate, while a USB interface is going to make for usefully simple backing up of files to external storage (and will output a log in .csv format after a planned firmware upgrade in the autumn).

Pricing is sub $3500 and it will be available from June.

Full press release over the page.

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