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Red Giant Offload - Elegantly simple management of your camera files

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Red GiantRed Giant Offload

It seems that every day there is a new media management tool released. Red Giant's Offload, part of their Shooter Suite, stands out through it's simplicity

 Red Giant are renowned for their collection of software and plugins for the Filmmaking community, with tools like Magic Bullet, Pluraleyes and Trapcode used in everything from Feature Films to Wedding Videos.

They have a collection of tools that are aimed at location shooting which are available seperately or as part of a bundle called "Shooter Suite" which I wrote about previously here. They have now added another tool to the bundle called "Offload"

Offload does exactly what the name implies, it offloads the media from your Cameras storage to another location and can also make a backup to a second location. All transfers are checksum verified to ensure the security of the data.

The Offload UI is incredibly simple. Insert a card from your camera and select it as a source and it will show you a preview of what is on the card. Choose your primary location for the files to be copied to and optionally a second location for a backup copy then click on "Start" That's it, Offload will transfer your files and check the copies.

One nice touch is the selection windows for copy and backup destinations become huge progress meters during the transfer, so even from across the room you can see how far there is to go or if the job is complete already.

"When your work sits on a tiny, plastic camera card, anything can happen, on location or in transit,"said Shooter Suite product manager, Randon Morford. "Too often, shooters discover that their footage has been lost through a corrupted offload process or through damaged hardware. Red Giant Offload eliminates the stress that every filmmaker goes through between shooting and delivery - it gives you the peace of mind that your footage was safely copied with the added benefit of automating an additional backup."

Offload is available for Mac and PC for $49, or as part of the Shooter Suite which includes 6 other tools for $399. You can download it from Red Giant here. 

Having something like Offload is incredibly useful, especially as they have made it simple enough for anyone to use it. As you can see in their video, anything can happen...

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