Skin your Blackmagic Production Camera 4k...with wood

Written by Andy Stout

Wooden CameraWooden you know it: the BMPC 4K Modification +PL Mount

Probably one of our favourite things we saw in the run up to this year’s IBC was this BMPC 4K Modification which converts your Blackmagic Production Camera 4K to an interchangeable mount — including a wooden faceplate.

The interchangeable mount is compatible with RED Epic/Scarlet lens mounts which, by use of adapters, allows you to mount PL, Nikon, Canon, Leica, and BNCR glass on your camera ( and the company points out that even more mounts may be available via or various third parties). The company is also planning to introduce a line of lens mounts itself in the near future and, as the picture shows, a +PL Lens Mount version
 is available too.

Rather eye-catchingly, the modification includes the addition of a wooden faceplate with working wooden record button, though if you really want it the original rubber faceplate can be reinstalled if requested. For proper flange focus, modified cameras require the use of an included shim set, which is happily installed on the camera prior to shipping.

Estimated completion time for the mod is between 5 and 10 business days and cameras can be modified either in WC’s main facility in Dallas or its service centre in Munich.

Pricing is $995 for the plain modification, or $1295 with the inclusion of the PL Mount. Those with only $20 in their pockets but still harbouring a desire to get the wooden look, meanwhile, are directed to the iPhone 5 case with rubber edges and maple wood back plate below which has been engraved to look like BPCC 4K and is, to our eyes, rather cool too.




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