Improve your BMPC connectivity with ActionProducts

Written by Simon Wyndham

ActionProductsLeft-side set-up of the Voodoo

If you have recently bought a Blackmagic Production Camera and are rather lamenting the announcement of the Ursa, fear not because ActionProducts has announced something that will transform the functionality of your device.

One of the biggest issues with cameras like the BMPC is the complete lack of useful connectivity and the need to find adaptors, cages, handles and all that other gumph to go with it. So I was pleasantly surprised to see the ActionProducts Voodoo Master, distributed by Innocinema.

It's a really neat and compact device that screws to the base of your BMPC or BMCC and simultaneously gives it Lemo power connectivity, twin XLR in with phantom power with individual channel power selection, 15mm rod mount, and twin side Arri Rosettes on either side to enable handles to be attached.

Simple, neat, effective, and highly useful. If they added audio levels control it would be perfect, but we can't have everything!


Tags: Production


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