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What's it like making a film with an iPhone when there's no expense spared?

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To further rub the noses of those who think that having a better camera will improve their skill level, Apple has now released a new advert shot entirely on the iPhone 5s

The ad, directed by Ridley Scott’s son, Jake, took over 100 iPhones capturing over 70 hours of footage over a period of one day to shoot.

The result is a highly polished advert that you would presume had been shot on a much more expensive dedicated video camera had you not been told otherwise.


Of course shooting an advert like this is not without its controversy. Professional video guys will be saying how the iPhone will never replace a “proper” camera. Elsewhere people have been calling the ad out because devices like dollies, steadicam, and lighting were used.

I needn’t point out the flaws in such statements to the readers of RedShark because it would be like preaching to the choir. So, I’m going to preach to the choir anyway! The iPhone will never replace a normal camera for clearly obvious reasons. What this advert stands to prove is just how capable that device is and the results that can be achieved by anybody with the right skills. After all the very purpose of the advert is to sell more of the devices that they have used to create it with.

Extra rigging

Anybody with even the most basic experience will know that even the most expensive cameras need extra rigging such as Steadicam and lighting in order to get a great looking result. To call Apple out as being misleading for stating that the ad was shot entirely on the iPhone because of this is being a bit silly in the extreme.

Instead we should be applauding the result here because it is stark proof that you can own all the fancy gear you like, but unless you know how to use it and put something together well you might as well just be using a paper and pencil to draw your story! When it comes to quality video the camera that you use is pretty much the last factor in the chain.

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