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Linear Bullet-Time: clever use of a high speed camera

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Adam MagyarShinjuku station, Tokyo

Super slow motion shots always look cool, but this is one of the most creative uses for a high speed camera that I have ever seen

 Adam Magyar is a photographer based in Berlin who like to create images "on the borderline of still photography and motion pictures" He has made a series of images using a scanning camera that takes a single vertical line of pixels, usually used for checking production lines, to create haunting images of the people arriving on a Subway train.

Shooting at 600 frames per second

But then he had the idea of turning it around, and filming from the train as it arrived at the station.
By shooting with a high speed camera running at 600 frames per second he uses the train as his own personal dolly, the camera tracking along the platform, creating a beautiful slow motion tableau of the passengers waiting for the train to arrive.

Take a look at this video of passengers at Tokyo's shinjuku station:



You can see more of his work at http://www.magyaradam.com/

Tags: Production