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A clever lens adapter transforms large sensor cameras

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Sparky FilmHDx35 MK2

 Large-sensor cameras are here to stay, but to get the best results, they need a different type of technique, and, usually, different lenses. The simple fact is that cinematography is a quite separate art to the process of video gathering for real-world events. Here's an adapter that makes it possible to use a large sensor camera more llike an ENG device

And that's the reason why more conventional ENG - type cameras and their lenses still have a strong role. Their shoulder-mounted form factor, and their zoomable lenses provide stability and the sort of versatility you need to capture fast, unpredictable action.

Mark McCarthy of Sparky Film has been trying the HD35 mk2 adapter which allows him to use his ENG lenses with his large format Sony F3 camera. It's a combination that seems to work well.  There's a video to follow, but, meanwhile, here's what Mark has to say:

Everyone  loves the look that today’s 35mm cameras offer. The big challenge is taking them into a traditional ENG environment, one area where we at SPARKY FILM produce a great deal of work. So when we heard the HD35 MK2 adapter would allow us to use our ENG lenses on our PL mount cameras we were very interested.

We did some research but found there is very little information out there on the workflow and most importantly, results. So we decided to rent one for the day from Barry at VMI and headed off to lovely Old Leigh in Essex. You can see the results here. Of course you do make some sacrifices with this lens/adapter combination such as a loss of light, slight cropping and the picture at the very edges is a little soft, but I feel you can live with these factors in return for the flexibility and cost using this adapter would save.

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