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Xenar Warrior Lenses

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schneider / redsharkCine Xenar III lens set

Schneider Optics inc are giving a rebate of $2,500 on a set of their Cine Xenar III lenses.

Schneider have created something of a stir with their new Cine Xenar III lenses because the lenses are of a very high quality and are actually available now! Such is the demand for high quality PL mount cinema lenses at the moment that many companies are now only accepting pre-orders for lens sets in this price range as they have a backlog of people who want to lay their hands on them and quite a waiting list has built up.

Schneider have a long history of making lenses but haven’t had the success that Cooke and Zeiss lenses have had in the world of cinema so perhaps the current high end lens shortage is the chance for the Xenars to finally shine.

The Cine Xenar lenses are proper cinema style lenses on which it is possible to pull focus without the lens breathing. They also allow easy use of a follow focus setup with the lenses all having the same external dimensions, so it’s much easier to swap lenses without having to adjust the follow focus too much.

The lenses are all colour matched and can focus right down to 25cm from the film plane.

The lenses are also available in canon EF mount for those who want to use them with Canon EOS cameras.

The price is $7750 per lens or $48,470 for a full set and the rebate will be available for lens sets bought between November 1st 2013 and midnight on the 28th February 2014. There is also a rebate of $400 available for single lenses bought during this time period and all lenses will come with the warranty extended to five years.

 For more info check out this review by Matthew Duclos: http://matthewduclos.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/cine-xenar-iii/

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