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Another Danish Piaggio OB Van!

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We are indebted to several readers for pointing out that Sony delivered another minuscule OB van based on the Piaggio Ape 50 to GlobalConnect in Denmark over the summer.

Dubbed, this time with admirable Scandinavia humour, OB Van Kenobi, the company collaborated with Sony specialist dealer Media Technology a/s to design a six-camera unit that can be upgraded to 4K “as soon as possible.”

It is based around the all-singing, all-dancing Sony AWS-750 Anycast production unit and six Sony BRC-Z330 HD PTZ cameras (which can be upscaled to eight if required). It was first used at the 2013 FEI European Championships in jumping, dressage, and para dressage in Herning in August


“Through our subsidiary company GigaConnect, we are linked to every event location or stadium using our 10 Gigabit network; and we are experiencing an increasing interest in OB productions close to our fibre points,’ said Birger Hauge, Head of Public Affairs at GlobalConnect. “We wanted to use 4K equipment in the OB van from the beginning; but that would demand a full 4K production chain to produce live 4K TV, which is not yet in place. Our standards are high, and we intend to convert the production to 4K as soon as possible.”

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