12 Dec 2018

This could be the ultimate guide to production workflow

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This could be the ultimate guide to production workflow Frame.io

Frame.io has worked with some of the worlds best filmmakers to produce the Frame.io Workflow Guide, one of the most comprehensive guides to production ever produced. And it's free.

Frame.io has today launched the "Frame.io Workflow Guide", what it claims to be the most comprehensive guide to production ever produced. The guide is free to everyone and covers pretty much every aspect of the production workflow you can think of.

It has been produced in partnership with companies such as RED, Color Grading Central, Adobe and more, and is split into 9 sections:

  • Capture
  • Prep
  • Edit
  • Conform
  • VFX
  • Colour
  • Sound
  • Delivery
  • Case Studies

Each of these sections are split into many different sub-topics, and from what we've seen, it is indeed very comprehensive. The guide isn't meant to be read from cover to cover like a book, but can be referenced and searched as a definitive online resource by both novices and experts alike. The fact that it is completely free with not even a sign-up required makes it all the more compelling.

The Case Studies section is particularly interesting. For instance you can read about the full workflow and project organisation for Mission Impossible: Fallout for example. This takes you through in detail the editing hardware they used, software, how they handled the dailies, how the footage was orgamised, and even the communication lines throughout post.

There's a case study to suit all types of user, including weddings, advertisements, and even a YouTube Vlog.

At RedShark we think this is a wonderful idea and we think may very well become a go-to resource reference for those wishing to learn more about post production workflow.

Visit the official Frame.io Workflow Guide website to start reading! 

Simon Wyndham

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