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Panasonic intros two new cameras at NAB New York 

The Panasonic AK-PLV100 owes a lot to the Varicam
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The Panasonic AK-PLV100 owes a lot to the Varicam

NAB NYC: Panasonic’s new AW-UE160 PTZ is the first PTZ camera to support ST2110 while the new AK-PLV100 inherits a Super 35mm 5.7K MOS sensor and PL mount from the VariCam.

AW-UE160 PTZ Camera

panasonic AW-UE160K ptz

This PTZ camera features a new 4K 1” sensor with special emphasis on low light conditions such as in worship or concert settings. Its built-in optical low pass filter will prove effective in reducing moiré when shooting against LED walls, which would be common in many venues utilizing PTZ cameras such as worship or concerts. The UE160 can integrate with a wide range of robotic camera systems. With its SMPTE 2110 capabilities, it integrates with IP workflows and can connect to the KAIROS IT/IP platform which has already been on the market for two years.

AK-PLV100 35mm Cine Live Studio Camera

panasonic AK-PLV100Large sensor cameras are finding their way into studio and broadcast acquisition and this addition to Panasonic’s AK series studio cameras brings a super 35 sensor with PL mount. It integrates with the AK-HCU250 and UCU600 camera control units making it fully compatible with Panasonic’s existing B4 mount studio systems, and again features ST2110 support. This camera as well integrates with Panasonic’s IP based platforms. The camera head outputs 12G SDI and can be used with the KAIROS platform or CCU, and in a future upgrade will also directly input/output ST2110 without a CCU connection. It is also designed to work simultaneously with the UE160 PTZ camera to provide flexibility in shots for more visual creativity and interest.

Pricing and availability on both are TBA.

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