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OWC Acquires LumaForge, Maker of Jellyfish Video Workflow Server

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OWC has acquired popular LumaForge, the creator of several shared storage solutions, including the Jellyfish video workflow server. OWC (Other World Computing) is known for its well-built and affordable storage and upgrade options for Apple products, including RAM, SSD, and much more.

A few years back, LumaForge made a splash on the biggest Final Cut Pro site, FCP.co, with its state-of-the-art shared storage solution, LumaShare. I was surprised to learn an old friend of mine is the company's CTO, Eric Altman. I had a chance to meet the team at a couple of NAB shows, and was impressed with their shared storage solutions.

LumaForge set out to create the best storage solutions for the video and film industry, and many will agree they accomplished that goal. What's great about the acquisition by OWC is that LumaForge's team will stay intact and continue to push the envelop in the shared storage industry.

LumaForge's Jellyfish solutions include tower, mobile, and rack servers for customers ranging from Sony and Adobe to NASA. The rack servers feature up to 240 TB of storage up to 1.2 PB (wow!), and is ideal for just about any application, like cutting a feature film shot on the RED RANGER MONSTRO in 8K HDR to more complex applications used by NASA and other companies and universities. 

The Jellyfish servers have also been beneficial to remote workflows with multiple editors working on one project. They support Final Cut Pro X, Premier Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Avid, and LumaFusion (that's right, a mobile NLE solution). Their Jellyfish Manager and Jelly Connect software help to create and maintain customizable workflows.

The future is indeed looking bright for both LumaForge and OWC, who had also acquired two other companies in recent years, Akito and BRU 

A tip of the hat to FCP.co for breaking this story, written by LumaForge founder, Sam Mestman, who is also FCP.co's lead contributor.

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