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News roundup: Nanlite, Sony TOUGH, disguise, and Angenieux

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This week we look at the bigger and better Sony TOUGH memory card line, Nanlite's new lights, disguise LEARN, and a new set of lenses from Angenieux.

Sony's new 256GB TOUGH card

Sony's TOUGH memory cards are known for their rugged durability and extreme reliability and now have a new and larger addition to the line-up in the shape of the 256GB UHS-II V90 SD card.

Previously this series had 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB so this new SD card doubles up the storage capacity. The one-piece molding body with high-hardness materials makes sure these cards are, indeed, TOUGH. Being dust- and waterproof, you can take these SD cards anywhere with you.

The new 256GB capacity TOUGH memory card is available now for £470. 

 NANLITE new FS-150B & FS-200B

Nanlite has announced its new members in the FS series: the FS-150 and FS-200. These Bi-colour lights feature a wide range of colour combinations for both content creation and commercial productions and feature high ratings in colour rendering index to present every colour in a vibrant and pleasing way. Both of these lights come with an efficient cooling system that keeps both the noise and temperature down. When total silence is needed, you can turn the fan system off.

The physical dimensions of the lights without the protective cap are 356 x 213 x 115mm. They weigh 2.3kg / 5.07lbs.


The back of the light features a simple control design with two knobs that enable intuitive operation. For a wireless connection, you can use the remote controller or the NANLITE APP. These lights come with a power cable, reflector, protective cap and the FS-150 will retail for $259 while the stronger FS-200B goes for $349. 

disguise revamps its Learn platform

disguise has reengineered its learning program to a new offering named disguise Learn. With this new platform, you can choose from different dedicated learning pathways such as virtual production, extended reality, broadcast graphics, location-based experiences, and live events which are the most relevant to your chosen industry.

disguise Learn provides both online and classroom learning for all levels of experience. The online learning content is free and presented in different formats. For classroom sessions, users of disguise Learn can access trainer sessions in different regions across EMEA, APAC and Americas. disguise Learn offers certification and digital badges which enable participants to showcase their skills when they apply for the next gig or role in the industry.

“The pace of innovation within the media and entertainment space is increasing exponentially and we want as many people as possible harnessing the disguise platform to stay at the very forefront of these industries,” comments Alex Wills, Chief Experience Officer at disguise.

Learn more about disguise Learn opportunities here.

Angenieux Optimo Ultra Compact Cine Zoom Lenses released

Angenieux has announced its new Optimo Ultra Compact Cine Zoom lenses. Both 37-102mm and 21-56mm T2.9 full-frame lenses come with interchangeable rear optical elements. These lenses cover full-frame, up to VV sensors and come with an unique IRO.

This unique IRO approach (interchangeable rear optics) means that the rear optical element can be taken off the lens and swapped with a different one. This makes these Optimo Ultra compact zooms more flexible when used on both full-frame/VV and Super35 sensors. Angenieux has two options for the rear lens:


  • Full-frame rear element: Covers large format sensors
  • U35 rear element: Makes lenses become a 28-76mm and a 16-42mm T2.2. The image circle then covers Super35 sensors up to an open gate mode of the new ARRI Alexa 35 for instance.

Lightweight and compact, these lenses are among the lightest on the market. The 37-102mm weighs 2.5kg (5.51 lbs) and the wide-angle 21-56mm lens weighs 2.8kg (6.17 lbs). Price depends on the three different version available. You can find the Angenieux 37-102mm T2.9 - PL here.

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