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News roundup: Alteon.io, Quasar Science, FPV drone, Irix Matte Box, TASCAM, Mog Technologies, and CoreWeave

Irix Matte Box IQ
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Irix Matte Box IQ

This week we have a look at Alteon.io, Quasar Science, FPV drone from GEPRC, Irix Matte Box, TASCAM, MOG Technologies and CoreWeave.

Alteon.io launches a new content management system Alteon Accelerator for creators

Alteon.io is a SaaS platform that helps content creators collaborate seamlessly, work more efficiently, and organize assets more intuitively. Alteon Accelerator is its new desktop application that maximizes media upload speeds for content creators. Internet upload speeds can be in the way of download speeds, making it a time-consuming process for creatives to transfer, share, or store large media files in the cloud. Alteon Accelerator claims it can deliver files up to 5TB in size to the cloud significantly faster than traditional upload methods.

Alteon Accelerator works with any Mac or Windows desktop and can be controlled remotely. Users can upload large files, including RAW file formats, directly to Accelerator. The platform automatically generates proxy files of every asset, making sharing files or folders with whomever they want easy and safe.

Alteon Accelerator is available now and can be downloaded for free here.

Alteon.io Accelerator

The Alteon.io UI

Quasar Science releases free starCTRL app for Rainbow Series

Quasar Science comes with a free app for its users to wirelessly control its Rainbow Series. The app allows its users to adjust settings, manage presets, and lighting effects, and arrange fixtures into groups. By adjusting the intensity and speed settings within the app, you can create lighting animations to your liking. starCTRL is compatible with Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices via Bluetooth. The app can connect up to 7 lighting fixtures at once through a simple 3-tab main UI: 

  • Control tab lets you adjust settings for intensity, color temperature, green/magenta tint, hue, saturation and output
  • Presets tab sets your pre-configured colors and allows you to create and save your own presets
  • FX tab provides a selection of built-in customised lighting effects

The new Quasar Science starCTRL app is available to download now, though to connect to your Rainbow lights, you need to have the latest firmware (v0.8). The firmware can be downloaded here.

GEPRC CineLog20 announces new indoor FPV drone

GEPRC CineLog20's new indoor FPV drone is lighter and smaller than its previous CineLog25. The new pusher-style quadcopter comes with 2″ propellers and prop guards, and uses GEPRC SPEEDX2 1303.5 5500KV motors with 2″ Emax 4-blade propellers. The drone is available with the DJI O3 Air Unit, but also with other FPV camera systems such as Runcam Link Wasp, Walksnail Micro and Caddx Ratel2. CineLog20 mounts to Insta360 GO2, Naked GoPro 8/9/10/11, and DJI Action 2. 

The GEPRC CineLog20 weighs only 140g and with the heaviest recommended LiPo battery it still weighs below 249g. Due to its size and weight, it is designed for indoor use. CineLog20 is a 4S drone, so it accepts only 4S LiPo battery packs. GEPRC recommends LiHv (high-voltage Lithium Polymer) 4S batteries with a capacity between 450 and 660mAh. The total flight time is between 4 and 6 minutes depending on the weight and size of the battery.

The GEPRC CineLog20 HD O3 FPV Drone is available here.


Irix Matte Box IQ

The Irix Matte Box IQ allows the Irix magnetic MMS filters to be used with virtually any lens. It helps to keep the optimal contrast and high-quality footage by eliminating any unwanted reflections and lens flares. Matte Box IQ can be used on lenses with a focal length of 15 mm and above, and on full-frame cameras. It mounts directly onto the housing of any industry-standard cine lens with a 95 mm front diameter.

Key features:
• Ultra-lightweight construction – 195 grams
• Adjustable carbon fiber shading hood
• Irix MMS (Magnetic Mount System) filter attachment
• Additional 52 to 86 mm thread adapters available
• Reflection-reducing matt finish

Matte Box IQ is available for €75 from the company website here.

TASCAM Portacapture X6 Multitrack Recorder

TASCAM announces its new Portacapture X6 Multitrack Recorder for videographers and other content creators working in smaller productions. Compared to the Portacapture X8, X6 uses a smaller 2.4” touchscreen with 2x XLR Mic/Line Inputs, adjustable stereo condensers, and records a total of 6 tracks (4 single tracks + stereo mix). The physical dimensions are 3×6.9×1.5″/7.5×17.4×3.7cm making this recorder smaller and lighter (365g) compared to X8. It has a claimed battery life of up to 22 hours.

Portacapture X6 comes with 6 built-in apps that are designed for different audio recording scenarios. With the Launcher platform, you can quickly access these apps, and the optional AK-BT1 Bluetooth Adapter allows you to access these apps and trigger recordings through your mobile device.

The TASCAM Portacapture X6 Multitrack Recorder is available for pre/order here for $369.

MOG intros new product lines for media production

MOG Technologies has overhauled its product line with an impressive range of new software solutions for recording, streaming, ingesting, encoding, decoding, transcoding, and playback. The company's long-standing mediaREC, mediaMOVE, mediaPLAY and mediaLIVE, are being replaced by mREC, mCODER, mPLAY and mLIVE respectively as a result. 

In addition to the software, the company is also bringing out a new set of hardware products from high-performance media decks to high-density servers and flexible media farms. These are all further enhanced by new business models including monthly fees, as-a-service offerings, and forthcoming (and possibly extremely useful) daily and event-specific fees. Deployment on public clouds is also supported.


CoreWeave acquires Conductor Technologies

CoreWeave is a specialized cloud provider for large-scale GPU-accelerated workloads and has just announced its acquisition of Conductor Technologies, the developer of the Conductor cloud-based task management service that simplifies access to cloud resources at scale. 

CoreWeave already helps modernize VFX and rendering workflows by providing flexible on-demand artist workstations, virtually unlimited rendering capacity, and network-attached storage. This acquisition will offer rendering solutions to customers who can tap into NVIDIA GPUs and CPUs for rendering, on-demand and at scale. These modular solutions across the VFX pipeline provide flexibility, scalability, and intuitive ways when working in the cloud.

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