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New lens roundup featuring APOLLO, SIGMA, Fuji, Canon, and Panasonic

Rehoused and ready to go: Fuji EBC SLR primes from Ancient Optics
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Rehoused and ready to go: Fuji EBC SLR primes from Ancient Optics

Time for another lens roundup with new APOLLO cine primes from Xelmus, Fuji EBC primes, a fast new Art zoom lens from SIGMA, and incoming glass from Canon and Panasonic.

Xelmus unveils two new APOLLO Anamorphic Primes

APOLLO 24mm and 180mm LensesXelmus has announced two new APOLLO anamorphic prime lenses for pre-order, the 24mm T2 2x and 180mm T2.8 2x. These new focal lengths join the rest of the APOLLO 2x anamorphic line. These lenses work with the ALEXA LF Full Frame Open Gate, although it should be noted the 24mm and 32mm only work with Super 35 cameras.

The APOLLO line has been around cine 2019, and focal lengths include 32mm T2, 40mm T2, 50mm T1.7, 60mm T1.6, 75mm T2, 100mm T2.8, and 135mm T2.8. Adding the 24mm T2 and 180mm T2.8 really completed the entire line of anamorphic prime lenses.

The 24mm and 180mm both cost $17,999. These are terrific anamorphic prime lenses and are priced accordingly. Visit the Xelmus APOLLO site for more details. 

SIGMA announces new Art Zoom Lens, 24-70mm

SIGMA 24-70mm f2.8 DG DN II Art Lens

I’ve been a big fan of the SIGMA Art line of lenses, and they’ve revealed a quick new zoom, the 24-70mm f/2.8 DG DN II. This will be a great addition to any kit, particularly those with other Art lenses.

SIGMA says this new lens is 7% smaller and 10% lighter, plus 3x faster autofocus than the previous version. It features high quality sharpness throughout the entire image, fast at f/2.8, minimum focus distance of 6.7 inches (17cm), and more. Mounts include Sony E and L. 

The new 24-700mm f2.8 DG DN II will retail for $1199, a pretty good price for a SIGMA Art lens. They are offering $200 off for a limited time. Check it out here.

Huge set of Fuji EBC Primes from Ancient Optics 

Ancient Optics Fuji EBC LensesAncient Optics’ mission is to ‘curate and preserve legendary optics,’ and they have an entire set of Fuji EBC SLR primes, first unveiled way back in 1971, available with rehousing by TLS. Classic glass is always a winner; I have family and friends who usually only upgrade their cameras but use the same glass going back years.

The focal lengths of the rehoused Fuji EBC primes include 19mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 100mm, and 135mm, basically a complete set of quality prime lenses for any type of project. EBC stands for Electron Beam Coating, which reproduced gold, red, and purple flares with up to 11 very thin metallic lens coatings.

Get more information at Ancient Optics' website to purchase. They're also available for rental here. Be sure to check out all the projects Ancient Optics is working on, including a set of Minolta ROKKOR lenses and more cool things.

Canon releases new portable broadcast 27x Zoom 2/3” Lens

Canon CJ27ex7.3B IASE T Zoom LensYou may be wondering why this new 27x broadcast zoom 2/3” lens from Canon is considered ‘portable.’ Well, that’s because the CJ27ex7.3B IASE T Lens was designed and built more compact, making it easier to carry around. 

The 27x zoom range is something to behold, 7.3mm to 197mm and also includes a 2x extender. That’s right, you can get it to 394mm!

The new CJ27ex features the exs V unit with angled 20-pin and has the highest ranking for a Canon lens, UHDxs.

Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but if you’re looking for a great new ENG zoom lens, the Canon CJ27ex will ship in August 2024. Learn more at Canon's site.

Panasonic announces LUMIX S Series 26mm F8 Pancake Lens

LUMIX S Series 26mm F8 Pancake LensIf you’re looking to add to your set of lenses for the LUMIX cameras, particularly the new S9, Panasonic has introduced a new fixed focal length pancake lens, the LUMIX S Series 26mm F8.

It’s a small and lightweight lens that won’t weigh down the camera, nor your lens bag. As with other LUMIX lenses, it features a nice build and high quality imaging.

The LUMIX S Series 26mm F8 pancake lens is a manual lens, allowing you to fully control everything. It’s nice and wide, but a bit slow at the fixed F8. The lens is 18.1mm in length and weighs just 0.13 lb. (58g).

This is more of a “like to have” lens rather than a “must have” lens. But it’s nice and affordable at $199.99 USD and will be available in June 2024. Visit Panasonic’s LUMIX site for more details.

Panasonic is also teasing another new lens, but without any other details other than it's the LUMIX S Series 18-40mm F4.5-6.3, which sounds like a "must have" lens for LUMIX camera owners. We'll have more details when Panasonic makes a formal announcement in the very near future.

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