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New high speed cameras from Kron capture at up to 29,000+ fps

The new Chronos 4K12 high-speed camera, 1000 fps at 4K and up to 29,002 fps at lower resolutions
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The new Chronos 4K12 high-speed camera, 1000 fps at 4K and up to 29,002 fps at lower resolutions

Kron Technologies has launched not one but two new high-speed cameras, the Chronos 4K12 and Chronos Q12.

Canadian specialist manufacturer Kron Technologies has two new high-speed cameras available for pre-order, the Chronos 4K12 and Chronos Q12, doubling the company's range and adding some significant capabilities to its high-speed offerings.

These are specialist units. The Chronos 4K12 high-speed camera captures 4K slow-motion video at over 1000 fps and can ramp up to 29,002 fps at reduced resolutions. The Chronos Q12 high-speed camera, meanwhile, captures HD slow-motion video at close to 5x faster at 4,900 fps. There isn’t the same sort of speed increase with lower resolutions, however, the unit topping out at 29,411fps.

Chronos Family

The Chronos range starts with the $4.5k Chronos 1.4 on the left; up to 40,413 fps but only at 320 x 96. 

Here are the key features:

Save RAW or Compressed: This one-of-a-kind feature empowers users to choose between raw files for maximum post-production control or compressed formats for efficient storage and streamlined workflows.

Adjustable Bit Depth: This feature adds additional flexibility for users to access higher frame rates and faster saving speeds. The Chronos 4K12 comes with 8, 10 and 12 bit modes. The Chronos Q12 comes with 8 and 12 bit modes.

Flexible Lens Mounts: Lens mounts include C-mount, E-mount, F-mount, EF-mount, and MFT-mount support. This broad array of compatible lens mounts allows users to seamlessly adapt their camera to various shooting scenarios and easily utilize their preferred lenses, maximizing creative possibilities and ensuring adaptability in any situation.

User-Friendly Interface: A user-friendly interface has been designed to simplify the camera's operation, featuring intuitive menus and straightforward navigation.

Portable, Robust Build and Touchscreen 5” Display: A compact form factor, coupled with a 5-inch touchscreen, offers intuitive control and monitoring while in the field, and its robust build ensures durability, allowing it to withstand the demands of various shooting environments.

The first batch of 110 Chronos 4K12 cameras has a tentative ship date of February 2024 and the second batch April 2024. Specialist units deserve a specialist price, and prices start at $14,495 for the 64GB model and $15,995 for the 128GB model. If you're wondering, the 128GB model gives you 11.8 seconds of recording time at max resolution.

The first batch of 40 Chronos Q12 cameras has a tentative ship date of March 2024 with the second batch coming in May 2024. Prices start at $19,995 for the 64GB model, and $21,995 for the 128GB model. 


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