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Ncam Reality 2021: The most advanced real-time tracking tech yet

The lightweight Ncam Camera Bar Mk2. Image: Ncam.
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The lightweight Ncam Camera Bar Mk2. Image: Ncam.

Ncam has announced the availability of Ncam Reality 2021, that the company claims is the most advanced real-time tracking technology ever create for film and broadcast.

It’s fair to say that virtual production technology has been accelerated as a result of the global pandemic, and this new system from Ncam looks set to make virtual graphics easier and more powerful than ever.

Ncam Reality 2021 includes everything needed for real-time camera tracking. It consists of a Mk2 camera bar, Mk2 server and Ncam Reality 2021 software. The Mk2 Camera bar is built on modified Intel RealSense hardware and it is lightweight enough at 288 grams to fit onto any camera. Ncam claims that unlike rivals, its system can handle more varied tracking techniques, from natural features and fiducial objects, through to reflective markers.

Ncam Mk2 Camera Bar.
Ncam Mk2 Camera Bar. Image: Ncam.

Unreal Engine integration

The system features a seamless integration with Unreal Engine as well as having native support for LED walls. The software can create a 3D point cloud of the environment and automatically determined the best tracking method for any point in time. Furthermore remote access features mean that production teams can control things from a phone, tablet or a PC.

Ncam Reality Pelicase.
The Ncam Reality system is highly portable. Image: Ncam.

A new GUI has simplified things so that the whole system is easier to setup, making things a lot faster for teams that want to get up and running with the minimum of hassle.

To find out more, visit Ncam’s website.

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