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Nauticam announces underwater housing update to support Panasonic GH5II

The Nauticam NA-GH5SV housing. Image: Nauticam.
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The Nauticam NA-GH5SV housing. Image: Nauticam.

Nauticam’s NA-GH5SV housing has been updated to support the GH5II.

The housing has until now been compatible with the GH5 and the GH5S. The housing is compatible with the Nauticam HDMI2.0/1.4 system that allows users to connect external recorders and monitors via its M28 bulkhead system. There’s a separate housing for systems such as the Atomos Ninja V.

As per most other Nauticam housings, the NA-GH5SV uses the company’s patented port locking system, which locks the housing securely with a single lever. The company offers locking port extensions so that no matter which dome you use, even with long extension rings, it will never twist.

This locking system, which is also used for the housing locking as well, means that the system can easily be opened up when required for things like battery or memory card changes, yet ensures that the camera is as safe as possible once locked in.

The housing also features integrated mounting points so that it can be mounted onto 1” tripod ball mounts. Additionally controls are placed such that they are easily accessible when being used underwater, so important functions like the record button and custom white balance are placed close to the handles.

The Nauticam NA-GH5SV is available now for £2596 including VAT.

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