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Nauticam announces new Sony FX3 professional underwater housing

The Nauticam FX3 underwater housing. Image: Nauticam.
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The Nauticam FX3 underwater housing. Image: Nauticam.

Underwater camera housing experts, Nauticam, has announced a new housing for Sony’s FX3 cinema camera.

The Nauticam FX3 has been made available for pre-order. The housing has been designed to make using the camera as intuitive as possible, with ultra high quality optics and the ability to take Naiticam’s other accessories such as its range of housings for external monitor/recorders.

The design would appear to be in keeping with the compact nature of the camera itself, with all the primary controls seemingly made large and prominent enough to make operation with wetsuit gloves as easy as possible.

Images: Nauticam.

The housing retails for £3298 (US$4051), which might sound like a pricey prospect, however you will have the reassurance that your camera will have the best protection available from the pressures that are present in diving and in the surf for professional use.

The FX3’s compact nature makes it ideal for much more nimble movement, without the bulk of other systems, and with 120fps being possible at 4K resolutions it is well placed to capture fast action and movement. It’s low light abilities also place it well for filming in what could be quite challenging light conditions in some instances.

Find out more about the Nauticam FX3 on the Nauticam website.  

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