Nautical NA-α2020: The first underwater housing for the Sony α9II and α7R IV

Written by Simon Wyndham

Nauticam’s NA-α2020 housing is what you need to take your Sony full frame mirrorless camera into the ocean’s depths.

The Nauticam NA-α2020 is the latest housing from the company to support Sony's flagship full-frame mirrorless cameras. Image: Nauticam.
The Nauticam NA-α2020 is the latest housing from the company to support Sony's flagship full-frame mirrorless cameras. Image: Nauticam.

Nauticam is one of the most highly respected and trusted makes of underwater housings for cameras. Equipment like this is not what you would call inexpensive, but it is the only way in which you can reliably take a professional grade camera underwater or into the surf. According to the company the new housing is the first to support both the Sony α9II and α7R IV with full access to all of the camera’s controls without restriction.

Front view of the Nauticam NA-α2020 housing.

The two cameras use the same housing and ports, even though they are two totally different cameras. This means that you can choose between a camera that focusses on resolution, or one that features speed, if you are lucky enough to own both!

Nauticam NA-α2020 controls

The housing features precision control over lenses, with increase zoom/focus gear ratios over previous models. The company has also made an effort to keep the housing as light and as compact as possible. There’s an M24 accessory port for HDMI 2.0 output as well as a rear M14 accessory port.

Top view of the Nauticam NA-α2020 housing.

As per all the company's housings it uses the patented port locking system as well as easy to use housing locking levers. These are designed so that they require very little strength to close or undo, but can be locked down to prevent accidental release. 

Nauticam NA-α2020 with WACP 2 corrective lens.

Electronics are pre-installed for Nauticam’s Vacuum Check and Leak Detection system. This consists of a simple LED light system that lets the operator know whether there has been any leakage or loss of vacuum. The housing is built around the N100 port system, and it caters for both Sony FE mount lenses and adapted EF glass. It can also be used with the WACP and WACP-2 wide angle corrective lenses, along with the WWL-1 in-water removable system.

The NA-α2020 has an MSRP of US$3048. Find out more on the Nauticam website.

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